Bucket Lists

  1. Have my own cafe
  2. Complete reading QT
  3. Have my own tree house
  4. Dream home (indoor swimming pool, secret passages, eco-friendly)
  5. Get my first car
  6. Get my driving license
  7. Learn karate
  8. Meditate in the morning for a month
  9. Volunteer (care home/homeless shelter?)
  10. Learn to cook/bake up to 5 recipes
  11. Write a children's book
  12. Invent something
  13. Visit a waterfall
  14. Travel to 3 new locations in UK (preferably outside London)
  15. Travel to 3 new countries
  16. Teach myself basic Korean
  17. Save £100 (earned by me)
  18. Save £1000 (earned by me)
  19. Go fishing (again!)
  20. Go camping in a tent
  21. Go camping in a campervan 
  22. Do my own small build (George Clarke's Amazing Small Spaces!)
  23. Learn the basics of skateboarding
  24. Be an extra in a film/TV show
  25. Go on a cruise
  26. Go on a boat ride (again!)
  27. Run my own school (make it a creative, flexible, personalised, more independent and an effective education system that I want)
  28. Start a business (own a shop(?) where all the profit goes toward charities)
  29. Create my first app
  30. Try tutoring 
  31. Cycle for a month straight
  32. Learn basic Arabic
  33. Go on a cable car ride
  34. Go sailing completed around end of 2013
  35. Go on a submarine ride
  36. Visit a cool forest (Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan,Beech Forest in Germany, Jiuzhaigou Valley in Sichuan China, Black Forest in Germany?)
  37. Go walking in the rain (barefoot?)
  38. Watch a sunset outside
  39. Watch a sunrise outside
  40. See the Northern Lights
  41. Go stargazing
  42. Plant a tree and watch it grow
  43. Have a pet (parrot? fishes? chicken? rabbit?)
  44. Hold a bake sale
  45. Accumulate 3 fave smoothie recipes
  46. Learn an instrument (guitar? drums? piano? keyboard? other?)
  47. Go on a road trip
  48. Pack my bags and travel to a random location
  49. Make 3 textile products using sewing machine
  50. Book marathon (a book a week for a month)
  51. Keep a fast at the start and end of each new month for a year
  52. Try 20 new foods
  53. Bury a time capsule with friends
  54. My first paying job
  55. Sleep in a hammock
  56. Complete a Keri Smith book
  57. Create a canvas with family hand prints
  58. Learn a cool martial art trick (back flip? :O i doubt it...)
  59. Have a green house and a mini farm to grow my own food
  60. Win a competition
  61. Complete a 5K run
  62. Embrace the minimalist lifestyle (on a basic level)
  63. Do some real estate investment
  64. Do more for my home country
  65. Travel around the world
  66. Be in a psychological study

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